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View, analyze and evaluate your students’ physical activity easily online. Motivate them to live a healthy lifestyle. Give them lessons they will remember – lessons for life

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"Alvord USD has chosen the Polar Activity Monitor as the tool to use for the required PEP grant measurements. We are so pleased that we have chosen this device because of the ease, reliability and valuable feedback.

Our students are so excited to be "chosen" in the sample group to wear these watches. Students are highly motivated to increase their activity when they have these watches on. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to go with the Polar Activity Monitor!"

- Patti Suppe, Alvord Unified School District Teacher

"Polar GoFit is the coolest thing in the gym! I have taught Physical Education for 27 years and used Polar heart rate monitors for over 20 years and this is the very best. The 6th grade class put the sensor on very quickly and everything worked perfectly the very first time. They were so excited to see what their heart rate was and the motivation level was really high.  

At the end of class students could see what they had accomplished and the badges based on number of minutes were a big hit too. I didn’t have to do anything but log onto the app and we were up and running. This is absolutely amazing!" 

- Jean Drennan, Oxford Middle School Teacher


  • Help your students understand the importance of physically active lifestyle

  • Evaluate them objectively based on individual improvement

  • Follow your students on PE class online – individually and as a group

  • Analyze their progress over time at Polar GoFit

  • Engage parents to see their child’s progress through continuous feedback

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Why Polar?

Polar offers a variety of smart teaching solutions for your needs. Choose either from Polar activity monitoring or heart rate monitoring, or a combination of both if that better suits your school's program. And, if you happen to need a fitness assessment system or anything else from the range, you can easily upgrade later.

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